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Why doesn’t my UCID work?

The most common cause is mistaking “1” (one) and “I” (capital i).  Read your UCID carefully, and try replacing an “I” with a “1” or vice-versa.  We suggest that you copy your UCID from the email we sent to you and paste into the box on our download page.

Another common cause is typing the UCID with spaces or dashes between the characters.  The UCID “1111 - 11AA – AAAA” should be typed in as “111111AAAAAA.”

If neither of these solutions work, it is possible that the number generator caused an incorrect UCID to be sent or that the number checker is preventing a correct UCID from being validated.  Please contact us with your e-mail and UCID and an explanation of your difficulty.  We will determine why it is failing and make sure that you get your software.

Is Ducks in a Row affiliated with an insurance company?

No.  Although Keep It SafeTM is clearly useful to anyone who is considering the purchase of insurance, we are not affiliated with any insurance company.

I have photographed/videotaped the large items in my house.  Why do I need a home inventory?

You'd be surprised at how much money is tied up in the little items that must be replaced after a fire or flood.  These often amount to half or more of the total value of the contents of your house, and you may not get insurance money to replace them if you don't have them in an inventory.  Also, without a complete inventory, you'll be replacing these items in a piecemeal fashion, as you discover you need them.   Ask your insurance agent about his or her requirements for demonstrating that you had a loss.

Where should I keep my home inventory?

Keep your inventory someplace outside your home, such as in a safety deposit box or at the home of a trusted relative or friend.  If you live in a state prone to large-scale natural disasters, you may want to consider giving your inventory to a relative who lives in a different region.  Ultimately, the guiding principle is this:  Your inventory does you no good if it disappears with the rest of your possessions.

How does Keep It Safe! differ from other home inventory software products?

When we designed Keep It Safe!, we set out to make it easy to use.  All of the other home inventory software that we have seen require that you type in the name and cost of most entries--you might as well do your inventory in a word processor. 

Keep It Safe! contains over a thousand common household items with built in prices to help you build your inventory quickly.  You will likely be able to inventory most of your possessions simply by reading the lists of items and selecting the ones you know you have.   You may, of course, type in any unique items and exact prices if you choose to do so.

Does Ducks in a Row, Inc. charge for technical support or patches?


How can I get in touch with Ducks in a Row, Inc.?

Use our contact form.

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Why users prefer Keep It SafeTM home-inventory software

"I have probably downloaded over 20 home inventory programs and yours is the easiest to enter data that I have found."

- Patricia L.