A Little Note on Anson vs. Hanson (and other derivations)

In doing research on our Ansons in England, we have run across Anson families, Hanson families, and Hanston families. All of these derivations have occurred in connection with the family of our George Anson, Senior, of Quasqueton. His parents' marriage record in 1807 calls George's father William Hanston. On the baptismal record for George's brother, William, the father is William Anson. And on George's own baptismal record, the father is listed as William Hanson. In the baptismal records of George's own children, George is called Hanson just as often as Anson, and the names appear interchangeable in other Anson families in the area as well. This is just a reminder that variations in spelling were common even in the 1800s.

Here is an contemporary example from the parish register of St. Peter's Collegiate Church in Wolverhampton showing how a Hanson was changed to an Anson with a wave of a church clerk's pen.

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